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Why Ice Dams Are Bad For Property Preservation

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    Why Ice Dams Are Bad For Property Preservation

    November 18 2014

    As the winter season approaches, people around Livonia, Michigan are taking steps to put their homes through the winterization process. But did you know it’s not enough to check your HVAC system or clear out your gutters? If you want your home to make it through an onslaught of snow and chilly temperatures, you have to think about ice dams. Ice dams are large chunks of ice that hang off the sides of your roof. A few icicles pose little threat, but ice dams can be a real problem. Why?

    They Damage Your Roof and Cause Water Leakage

    Ice dams may not seem like a big deal, but they cause a lot of trouble when it gets warm outside. All you need is a bit of sunlight to get ice dams to start melting. When this happens, the water can slip underneath the shingles of your roof. Eventually the water may drip down and damage your ceilings, costing you hundreds of dollars for repairs. Your Livonia, Michigan home deserves better. OnSite Solutions can answer your questions about property preservation and tell you how to take action when necessary.

    They Send Up a Red Flag to Troublemakers

    An ice dam sends a message to the people in your community — you may not be home. This gets the attention of burglars and other troublemakers. You don’t want this to happen. Contact a property preservation company to keep an eye on your home and check for ice dams when you’re gone. OnSite Solutions can alert you about the problem and take action, saving you time and money. We work hard for Livonia, Michigan homes.

    Ready to add ice dam prevention to your winterization list? Contact OnSite Solutions today.

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