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Hail Damage Restoration

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    Hail can fall from the sky as very small or very large pieces, but every bit of the damage it inflicts is significant when it happens to your home. VersaPro is prepared to address hail damage and whatever complications develop from a hailstorm through effective, immediate, hail damage restorations. Our goals are to stop additional problems from developing and get your property back to normal as soon as possible.

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    How Much Damage Can Hail Cause?

    Hailstorms typically occur during heavy rains when the temperature drops and the water particles form chunks of ice. Some hailstones can damage your property far more significantly than others. It depends on:

    • The size of the hailstones
    • The speed of the wind
    • The duration of the storm
    • If your home has existing damage
    • The materials your home is made of

    Areas of Exterior Hail Damage

    Hailstones can create dents, holes, and cracks all over your home. Anything on the exterior of your home is susceptible to hail damage, particularly:

    • The roof: Shingles can lose granules or be split, broken, or pulled off entirely.
    • Siding: Paint and protective coatings can be stripped off, chipped, or cracked.
    • Rain gutters: Gutters and downspouts can be bent and dinged.
    • Windows: Cracks can occur or hail can go straight through the glass.

    Problems Caused by Hail Damage

    Hail isn’t something you can prepare for, not even meteorologists can always predict the way Mother Nature will change up the temperature and cause hail to form. Problems can come your way and, if they do, getting hail damage restoration right away is key to minimize damage and cost.

    • Water damage: If your roof is broken or a window cracked and a storm is raging outside, water damage can result. Whether water is dripping or pouring into your house, attic, or crawl spaces, moisture and mold can build up and lead to serious side effects for the structure of your home and your health.
    • Structural damage: Hail is accompanied by wind and rain, and those phenomena can cause their own structural damages to your home in the form of downed trees, a torn roof, ripped walls, pulled up fencing, and more.
    • Cosmetic issues: Don’t be surprised to find dents from hail in siding, window frames, exposed metal surfaces (like outdoor AC units), decking, and other painted surfaces.

    The VersaPro Hail Damage Restoration Process

    It’s so important to get hail damage restoration done as quickly as possible to avoid further complications from the damage. Contact VersaPro 24/7 and request one of our experts on site right away to deliver the service you need to feel like your home is safe. Once the property is secure, permanent repairs can be discussed.

    Here is what to expect from a damage restoration visit from VersaPro:

    • Identify damage: Our expert will inspect your home, from the roof to the gutters, downspouts to siding, and determine the extent of the hail damage.
    • Safeguard: Mitigation measures will be put in place right away to prevent any further damage from occurring before repairs can be completed. This may include temporarily tarping your roof or boarding up windows.
    • Dry out: Once active problems have been addressed, any interior areas that are water damaged from the storm will go through a water extraction process to prevent water damage or mold from developing within your home.
    • Clean up: Glass removal, sanitization, shingle clean up, and other measures will be executed to clean up from the mess of the hail storm.
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    Get Hail Damage Restoration and Repairs from VersaPro

    VersaPro offers customized residential remodeling services to Southeast Michigan to make all the necessary interior and exterior repairs to your home after clean-up and mitigation, including:

    • Roof repair
    • Siding repair
    • Decking repair
    • Structural remodels
    • Electrical repairs
    • Drywall repair
    • Carpet replacement
    • Flooring installation

    Contact us for help and support right away if you are dealing with hail damage. We deal with your insurance company on your behalf to ease your stress while doing the important work of getting your house back to normal.

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