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60-Minute Response Time - VersaPro Is Who You Need

60-Minute Response Time

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    The inconvenience, stress, and fear that develops when your home or building suffers unexpected damage can be minimized with VersaPro’s 60-minute response time service. Wherever you are in the Detroit Metro area, contact us day or night to speak to our emergency services and request a fast-acting team to be at your property within one hour.

    60-Minute Response Time - VersaPro Is Who You Need
    Emergencies Board-Up Services in 60 Minutes - With VersaPro

    Emergency Board-Up Services in 60 Minutes

    Extreme disasters can leave your home open to further damage, theft, pest invasion, and weather. No one has the time or energy to wait for more costly and destructive catastrophes to occur. A 60-minute response time team is the only way to protect your property and possession and tend to the following quickly:

    • Fallen tree
    • Plumbing leak
    • Car crashing into building
    • Weather damage
    • Water damage
    • Fire damage
    • Vandalism

    Types of Board-Up Services

    Building damage, whether it comes in the form of a forceful storm or an out-of-control vehicle, demands restoration immediately. A rapid response team boards up and secures openings through board-up services like:

    • Window board-up: A cracked, shattered, or knocked out window is an invitation to anyone who goes by. A speedy window board-up replaces the space with secure boards to block views, debris, weather, and more damage.
    • Door board-up: An open door is a door that says welcome, even if the opening was clearly an accident. The 60-minute response time team will board up the door on arrival to confirm your safety and security.
    • Lock changes: If a door or window has been compromised in your home or business, locks on other potential entries can be changed so you feel safe on the property.
    Types of Board-Up Services - VersaPro Can Help
    Temporary but Fast Mitigation Services - VersaPro is Who You Need

    Temporary but Fast Mitigation Services

    Emergency services from VersaPro can be on-site in 60 minutes or less, a relief when your home and property have been tremendously compromised by a disaster. Besides board-up services, there are other mitigation services that offer temporary but secure protection:

    • Roof cover and shoring: A temporary roof cover prevents water infiltration and, if necessary, shoring that delivers structural support and prevents roof collapse.
    • Fencing: Restrict access to an area to minimize liability, accidental injury, curious bypassers, and further damage.
    • Water extraction: Flooding caused by a storm, broken pipe, sewage backup, leaking appliance, or overflowing tub or sink needs water extraction quickly to remove excess water and restore a dry and safe environment to prevent dampness and the growth or mold or mildew.
    • Generator, HVAC, plumbing: Sometimes, disaster leads to a need for generators and temporary HVAC and plumbing equipment so the restoration process can continue efficiently. You need emergency temporary power and utilities after a disaster so you have the lighting, heating, cooling, refrigeration, and safety services you need.

    Get Emergency Services for Home or Business in 60 Minutes or Less

    Damage to a home or business only gets worse the longer it is left unattended. The VersaPro 60-minute response time team ensures that whatever damage has been done will be stopped in its tracks while preventing further disasters from occurring.

    Eventually, your emergency restoration team will discuss future repairs with you to determine what exactly is needed to get your home or business back to normal. Right now, the priority is safety, security, and a place that you can operate out of as long as it is deemed clear.

    Contact VersaPro for help with your emergency and have a team on-site in 60 minutes.

    Get Emergency Services for Home or Business in 60 Minutes or Less - VersaPro Is Who You Want

    Transform Crisis Into Comfort With Versapro!