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Theft Restoration

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    Theft Restoration

    When your home or business is broken into, there is often a mess left behind, like broken or damaged doors and windows. You need these areas covered up immediately to prevent further intrusions and give yourself peace of mind. Theft restoration such as emergency board-up services, temporary repairs, and other safeguards can be put in place quickly with the services from VersaPro, Metro Detroit’s fastest response team. Contact us any time of day or night to speak to a live operator and get help right away.

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    Emergency Theft Restoration Services After Theft

    A break-in automatically poses a safety risk and it is essential to protect your property ASAP, regardless of the extent of the damage. Our 24-hour rapid response team is reliable, thorough, and works quickly to board up openings, secure the premises, and minimize the likelihood of an additional breach, prevent weather damage, and ward off the gazes of curious passersby to your home or place of business.

    • Board up doors: Thieves who choose to enter through a doorway may break the door, splinter the frame, shatter glass, or knock it down completely. The entire area will be boarded up securely for total safety.
    • Board up windows: When a window is the point of entry for a thief, damage can vary from small to large. Whether one pane was pushed out or the entire window was destroyed with force, the hole will be completely boarded over. The glass will be cleaned up and removed.
    • Change locks: Whether someone has illegally entered your home by door or window, whether a lock has been broken or not, we can change all the locks on your doors and windows so you feel safer and trust that you are the only person with a key to your home or business.

    Painted boards are now available to help minimize any visual distractions to your property.

    Theft Emergency Board-Up Process

    When you contact us for 24/7 emergency board-up response, a trained VersaPro technician will be dispatched to your location and you can expect the following:

    • Assessment: Our tech will immediately inspect the damaged areas.
    • Documentation: Digital photos of all damage will be taken and other relevant documentation will be completed.
    • Protective measures: Quick action will be taken to board up and secure any openings and compromised areas and locks will be changed if necessary.
    • Clean-up: Damage and debris around the treated areas will be cleaned up.

    Temporary theft restoration repairs safeguard your property while you wait for insurance matters to get ironed out, as well as police and legal matters. Eventually, permanent repairs can be made to your property so you can try to forget that this break-in ever occurred.

    VersaPro is available to seamlessly transition into the repair, reconstruction, and long-term restoration phase when you are ready through our commercial construction and residential remodeling services.

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    Any sort of property damage to your home or business is stressful, but when it happens because of theft, the malicious intent behind the act is disturbing and stressful. You have enough to worry about upon your discovery of this unlawful entry to your property – leave the emergency mitigation to the experts.

    Contact VersaPro day or night and our fast-acting team will be there when you need us to protect your property and possessions. Call anytime to speak to a live operator who will dispatch a team to your location for immediate service to the Metro Detroit area.

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