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Water Damage Restoration

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    If you have flooding or water damage in your home or business, contact VersaPro immediately, any time of day or night for our water damage restoration services. Our fast-acting team has the equipment and experience to quickly extract water from your property before it causes more damage than it already has. We also make all the necessary repairs after clean-up so you can get back to normal.

    Emergencies That Require Water Extraction

    Any water damage in your home is stressful and frightening. Whether a small leak or a natural disaster has caused the emergency, the water restoration professionals at VersaPro are ready to tackle a problem of any size, including:

    • Flood damage
    • Storm damage
    • Broken pipes
    • Flooded basement
    • Sewage backup
    • Sump pump overflow
    • Leaking appliances
    • Overflowing tub, toilet, or sink

    Get Damage Help Right Now

    Every water emergency is different and requires its own unique solution and repairs, but the process to conduct successful water extraction and water restoration remains the same. When you call us about your water damage or water emergency, we will calmly go through a series of questions to assess the problem you are experiencing then immediately dispatch a restoration professional.

    The VersaPro Water Damage Restoration Process

    Here is what you can expect from VersaPro and our 24/7 response to water damage:

    • Inspection: Once our pro arrives on site, he or she will identify the water source, stop it, and inspect and assess the damage.
    • Protective measures: Temporary protection like rooftops, boarding up, or fencing may be put in place to prevent additional damage from flooding, sewer backup, or broken pipes.
    • Water extraction: Powerful pumps and vacuums remove water, minimize drying time, and eliminate secondary water damage like mold growth.
    • Removal: If needed, furniture, carpeting, or drywall is removed to prevent additional damage.
    • Drying: Dehumidifiers, air movers, and fans dry the damaged areas that retain water or are difficult to access.
    • Cleaning: Areas and belongings invaded by water are sanitized and deodorized to prevent odors and mold.

    Repairs After Water Damage

    Water damage can be brutal and, even when the problem is addressed efficiently, there can be plenty of damage left behind. Whether you need a basement flood repair from a burst water pipe or repairs to your living space from a water leak, restoration is an integral part of the process.

    VersaPro performs minor or major repairs to restore your home to pre-water damage conditions, including:

    • Drywall removal and installation
    • Carpet repair and installation
    • Tile or hardwood flooring repair
    • Painting

    Choose VersaPro for Immediate Water Damage Restoration

    Water does its own damage to property by nature of its force and composition alone, but this problem can quickly develop into other complications. Where there is standing water, there will be mold. Rely on VersaPro for immediate water extraction and mitigation in Southeast Michigan.

    You have experienced trauma, your property is damaged, and your demands are many. VersaPro is prepared to help you in your time of need at any time of day or night. We even deal with your insurance company on your behalf. Contact us for immediate help and support so we can get your life back to normal right away.

    Transform Crisis Into Comfort With Versapro!