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    There was a time when asbestos was considered an excellent construction material for its strengthening and insulation abilities. Unfortunately, when asbestos becomes airborne it is a health hazard and its presence in homes, businesses, schools, and other structures is a serious threat. At VersaPro, we specialize in asbestos removal. If you suspect you have an asbestos problem, contact us first – do not try to remove the materials yourself.

    The Dangers of Asbestos

    Many homeowners are hands-on people who are delighted to tackle structural, mechanical, or material issues on their own to challenge themselves, expand their skill set, and save money. When it comes to asbestos though, you need an expert. One pair of rubber gloves and a construction mask will not protect you from the dangerous effects of this material.

    Asbestos is not banned in the United States, but its use is limited today. Unfortunately, many places built before 1977 were put together with asbestos-containing materials that pose a danger to the public. Because asbestos does not burn, it was used in many buildings to resist heat, a valuable element in the building industry.

    Damaged asbestos-containing materials can endanger lives for anyone who inhaled or ingests dust, fibers, or raw materials. Serious health issues can develop, including:

    • Mesothelioma cancer
    • Asbestosis
    • Pleural plaques
    • Asbestos lung cancer

    Building Materials Where Asbestos Can Be Found

    Asbestos-containing products are generally safe when they are undisturbed. However, over time, they can become brittle and crumble. Add an enthusiastic DIY project to the mix and the likelihood of asbestos exposure increases tenfold.

    Common asbestos-containing materials include:

    • Ceiling tiles and coatings
    • Cement sheets
    • Drywall
    • Electrical switchboard panels
    • Insulation
    • Pipe and duct coverings
    • Plumbing fixtures
    • Popcorn ceilings
    • Putties, plaster, and caulk
    • Roof shingles and siding
    • Vinyl floor tiles

    Don’t underestimate the hazards of a dusty remodel. Sanding, sawing, and breaking materials in an older building should only be happen once an asbestos check has been done first. Don’t try to do it yourself. The experts know where to look – and how to look safely.

    The Asbestos Removal Process

    If your property has been found to contain asbestos, your home has been damaged, your building was constructed before the 1980s, or you suspect that you have asbestos in your structure, contact the experts at VersaPro immediately. We will follow careful steps to ensure that any asbestos issues with your property are safely addressed and you are not susceptible to the effects of asbestos.

    • Inspection: Identifying asbestos-laden items and areas is the first step in cleansing your property of this toxic material. Visual inspections are not enough – we will collect fibers and properly test for the toxic material to see how much and where it may be found in your building.
    • Planning: Once samples have been analyzed and the extent of the problem has been determined, a plan will be developed to remove the asbestos. This process can be complex and requires several site preparations to thoroughly get the job done.
    • Removal: We follow strict regulations and processes and use proper abatement removal equipment and steps to encapsulate the fibers and get rid of asbestos-laden components, keeping you safe from exposure. All materials are properly disposed of during removal.
    • Repair: Once your home or commercial property has been fully cleansed of asbestos, the rebuild begins. We offer renovation services to repair, revitalize, and turn your space into its new self. 

    Hire an Asbestos Removal Expert Near Me

    If your property has been found to contain asbestos, this material poses a serious health risk. Do not touch or go near the fibers and do take this matter seriously. Contact the experts at VersaPro in Livonia, Michigan, and request the presence of a remediation team right away. Our technicians are trained and certified to perform asbestos inspection and abatement as well as other environmental services.

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