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    Mold remediation is one of the many emergency services offered by VersaPro as part of water damage restoration, water extraction, and property preservation, or as a separate service for any homeowners who discover areas of their home compromised by mold.

    VersaPro mold remediation

    Understanding Mold

    Mold exists at a microscopic level just about everywhere, both indoors and outdoors. These small particles can quickly become a big problem when permitted to fester.

    • Mold is often visible or gives off a noticeable, strong, musty odor.
    • Mold spores can enter the home through windows, doors, HVAC system, or even your pet.
    • Moisture allows mold to thrive, which is why standing water or homes that have suffered water damage are especially at risk for mold problems without proper water damage restoration.
    • Mold spreads quickly and a minor infestation of spores can rapidly grow into a large problem, especially with water exposure.
    • Colonies of mold produce allergens and irritants that are toxic to the health of humans and pets.

    The Process of Mold Remediation

    The VersaPro approach to mold remediation is comprehensive. Our team of technicians is trained and certified to manage small and large mold threats and manage the small repairs or major demolitions and full rebuilds required afterward.

    Mold damage specialists use advanced equipment and microbial remediation processes, along with water damage restoration and structural drying techniques, to stop the source of water that’s feeding the mold and isolate the affected area.

    Mold can cause problems any time of year, but especially during the humid season. Dehumidifiers are an essential part of our arsenal, used to address lingering moisture issues that could cause the further growth of mold.

    The VersaPro Mold Remediation Process

    Mold can never be fully removed from a home, business, or other property. It exists in the world and is impossible to eradicate. Though “mold removal” is technically impossible, “mold remediation” is possible.

    VersaPro offers a 24/7 response to mold damage. When you contact us for an emerging water issue or ongoing mold problem, you can expect the following:

    • Inspection: Our pro carefully examines your property for mold and assesses the visible damage its presence has caused. The pro will determine the best process for bringing your structure back to normal without the threat of mold.
    • Preventive measures: Before the mold remediation process can begin, any sources of water or moisture must be addressed first to prevent the development of new mold or the worsening of existing mold. Powerful pumps and vacuums may be used to remove water, minimize drying time, and eliminate any additional mold growth. Dehumidifiers, air movers, and fans target areas that are difficult to access or retain water.
    • Mold containment: If the mold is so severe, it may be necessary to tarp over, board up, or otherwise block a portion of the home, making it uninhabitable until mold remediation is complete.
    • Mold removal: Air filtration will be initiated while mold and mold-infested materials are removed and cleaned and/or discarded. Furniture, carpeting, and even drywall may need to be replaced to stop the growth of mold and additional damage.
    • Cleaning: Any areas or belongings affected or damaged by mold that can be saved and reinvigorated are sanitized and deodorized to prevent mold and odors from developing.
    • Restoration: Repairs are made, as needed.

    Get Mold Remediation Help Right Now

    Mold infestations are all different depending on the material or spaces affected and the amount, age, and type of mold. Every mold situation follows a basic process but each circumstance requires a unique mold remediation scenario.

    Mold is a scary prospect in any home or property of any age. The experts at VersaPro in Livonia, Michigan understand your concerns. Our 24/7 services are designed to help ease your concerns at any time of day or night and our fast-acting team has the tools and experience to act quickly. Contact us for immediate help and questions about local and state inspection laws and protocols.

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