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Kitchen Remodeling


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    The kitchen is the heart of the home, the space where people gather, where families are nurtured and fed, where homework is done, where people enjoy the food they love. Embarking on kitchen remodeling allows you to design this important square footage to be whatever you want it to be, and it doesn’t hurt that a kitchen upgrade is one of the best ways to add value to your home.VersaPro offers customized kitchen remodels for clients in DetroitLivonia, and the surrounding areas.

    Benefits of a Single-Source Contractor

    Whether your kitchen remodel involves new countertops, flooring, cabinets, or all the above, working with a single-source contractor like VersaPros means costs will be kept low. The work is always high quality and consistent, handled in-house by the same group of experienced craftspeople and experts.

    The VersaPro kitchen remodeling packages are customized. Whatever your vision, our team can achieve it. Our packages are easily edited and carefully tweaked to satisfy every client’s unique design. Your beloved kitchen will be transformed into a livable, beloved showstopper by the same qualified hands that touch all our projects.

    Design Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

    Thanks to sophisticated 3D software, every step of your kitchen remodeling project can be planned out to deliver a clear picture of the final upgrade before construction begins. Configurations can include all or some of the following elements to elevate the look and functionality of your kitchen:

    • Appliances
    • Cabinets
    • Countertops
    • Faucets
    • Flooring
    • Hardware
    • Lighting
    • Sinks

    Whatever you decide to change, upgrade, tweak, or completely overhaul in your kitchen, any positive changes will make your house more attractive to potential homebuyers, should you choose to sell in the future. And, of course, it will make this special room amazing for your family to enjoy.


    Types of Kitchen Remodels

    There is a kitchen remodel that is right for your home and that suits your budget, preferences, and timeline. Consider whether one of the following options works for your home:

    • Minor remodel: Includes the addition of just a few changes, but significant ones, such as upgrading countertops, adding a backsplash, changing the flooring, switching out sinks, or improving lighting.
    • Major remodel: An overhaul of all existing kitchen features, which are replaced with newer versions and special touches to deliver a high-end look, from custom cabinetry to upgraded flooring to new appliances.
    • High-end remodel: The delivery of the kitchen of your dreams, with upscale additions like tech-savvy appliances, designer hardware, a built-in water filtration system, a pet feeding station, and expanding the square footage of the kitchen.

    Add Preferences and Personality to Kitchen Remodeling

    The best way to approach kitchen remodeling is to ask for all the bells and whistles you want, then whittle down the list from there. The planning phase is just that – planning, playing, and indulging your preferences. What would that orange backsplash look like? Can you pull off a pastel-colored refrigerator? Do you want tile or hardwood flooring?

    VersaPro works within your budget and comfort level to give you the kitchen you want most, and that begins by looking at all the big-ticket items and editing as needed to meet your budget and other parameters.

    The addition or upgrade of any of the following elements can turn your kitchen from cookie cutter to uniquely yours:

    • Breakfast nook
    • Bright backsplash
    • Built-in shelving
    • Ceiling planks
    • Expanded island
    • Larger pantry
    • Pet area
    • Under-cabinet lighting

    Your kitchen needs to be functional, but it doesn’t have to be generic. Unexpected materials, unusual shapes, eye-catching colors and textures – these seemingly small choices make all the difference in defining your unique kitchen remodel.

    Pursue Kitchen Remodeling with VersaPro

    VersaPro is a reliable, professional, experienced kitchen remodeling company that serves the Livonia and Detroit areas. Contact us to discuss your kitchen remodeling plans and get an estimate.

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