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    When your home has been damaged by weather, you want everything fixed as soon as possible. VersaPro delivers fast, effective, safe storm damage restoration to stop additional problems from developing, discourage theft and vandalism, and get your property back to normal after clean-up. Contact us 24/7 to get help right away.

    Home Damage Caused by Storms

    Nature can be violent. Severe rainstorms, floods, hurricanes, blizzards, and more can descend on your home and pull it apart. Storm damage is not only physical, it is mentally taxing – all you want is peace of mind that your home can be salvaged and repaired. VersaPro delivers on all counts.

    We want you to be safely and comfortably back in your home as soon as possible, whether you are dealing with minor or major damage from a natural disaster. When you call us, we arrive as soon as possible to help stop storm damage in its tracks and make sure you and your family are safe.

    If you are in the middle of the fallout from storm damage, you know it can cause:

    • Water damage: It is terrifying to have water pouring into your home, whether it’s coming from a damaged roof, a broken window, a tree that has fallen on your home, or flooding from melting snow or rainstorms.
    • Wind damage: The destruction caused by wind is immense and can lead to a torn roof, ripped walls, windows blown in, and pulled-up fencing, which develops into additional problems like water damage, fire damage, and power outages.
    • Fire damage: Storms can cause fires, especially if power lines are knocked down and electrical issues follow, lightning strikes in the wrong place, or wildfires develop and threaten your home.

    The VersaPro Storm Damage Restoration Process

    Contact VersaPro any time of day or night for our storm damage restoration services. Our fast-acting team has the experience, expertise, and equipment to address the damage done to your home. We will reverse as much of the storm damage as possible and mitigate any ongoing issues that could cause further damage. Once your property is secure and you feel safe, we can discuss permanent repairs.

    Here is what to expect from VersaPro when you call to report your storm damage emergency:

    • Inspection: Our pro will assess the storm damage when he or she arrives on site and deliver recommendations and a quote for mitigation and repair so you can see what needs to be addressed right away and what can wait.
    • Mitigation: Temporary protective measures are put in place immediately – like tarps, fencing, or board-ups – to prevent additional damage from occurring. Reinforcement of damaged or leaking areas may be necessary. All issues will be prioritized to ensure your safety and prevent further damage to the property.
    • Clean up: Once active problems have been contained, it’s time to clean up the mess the storm damage made, whether that involves water extraction, tree removal, glass removal,  sanitization, or other measures. Furniture and possessions can be temporarily relocated if necessary.

    Repairs After Storm Damage Restoration

    To make dealing with storm damage easier for you, VersaPro offers customized residential remodeling services to make all the necessary interior and exterior repairs after clean-up, including:

    • Structural remodels
    • Mechanical repairs
    • Electrical repairs
    • Roof repair
    • Drywall repair
    • Painting
    • Carpet replacement
    • Flooring installation

    Choose VersaPro for Storm Damage Restoration

    VersaPro delivers immediate storm damage restoration and mitigation to Southeast Michigan. We are prepared to deal with whatever havoc a natural weather event has caused to your home and property. Rely on our team of experts at any time of day or night. We even deal with your insurance company on your behalf so you don’t have that additional stress at this difficult time.

    Contact us for help and support right away so you can get back to normal.

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