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Wind Damage Restoration

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    Wind Damage Restoration

    Property destruction caused by severe wind damage from a tornado, hurricane, or other storm is a devastating prospect for any homeowner. If your residence or business has been affected by wind damage, contact VersaPro immediately at any time of day or night. We offer 24/7 service and our fast-acting team has the equipment and experience to mitigate the problem, prevent further damage from developing, and carry out repairs.

    The VersaPro Wind Damage Restoration Process

    VersaPro will reverse as much of the wind damage as possible, as quickly as possible. Here is what you can expect when you call for help with a wind damage emergency:

    • Inspection: When our pro arrives on site, he or she will assess the wind damage and deliver an accurate price quote for mitigation and repair, so you know what areas need to be addressed immediately, what areas have been affected that you didn’t even realize, and what can wait.
    • Mitigation: Temporary protective measures will be deployed immediately, like tarps, board-ups, or fencing, to prevent additional damage from occurring. It may also be necessary to reinforce damaged walls, seal holes, or fix leaking pipes. The priority is to prevent additional damage to the premises and ensure your safety.
    • Clean up: Wind can rip off roofs and siding and knock out windows, leaving buildings susceptible to wind and precipitation inside as well as out. Once the property has been sealed, clean-up will commence and can include water extraction, glass removal, tree removal, and other measures to minimize secondary damage. If necessary, furniture and possessions will be temporarily relocated as well.
    • Drying: Interior areas that have gotten wet will be treated with dehumidifiers, air movers, and fans to dry the interior and prevent mold. Sanitizing will also be done to combat odors.

    Repairs After Wind Damage

    Wind storms can leave plenty of damage behind. Restoration is an important part of the clean-up process and VersaPro offers this kind of support. If you need restorations and repairs to get your home or business back to livable, workable order, we offer remodeling services like:

    • Roof and shingle repair
    • Siding repair
    • Drywall removal and installation
    • Painting
    • Carpeting or flooring repair or installation
    • Replacement of fittings and fixtures

    VersaPro even deals with your insurance company on your behalf. Contact us for immediate help and support so we can get your life back to normal right away.

    Side Effects of Severe Wind Storms

    Wind can create incredible destruction to residential and commercial properties within moments. The right wind restoration company will help you undo this damage as soon as possible to avoid the side effects of long-lasting, extensive damage.

    Some of the most common side effects of wind damage include the following:

    • Roofs torn off
    • Walls ripped up
    • Windows blown in by windswept debris and stones
    • Rainwater entering the building
    • Fencing pulled up
    • Trees blown over into a building
    • Power outages
    • Floods from water main destruction

    Wind storms can wreak incredible havoc on a property and lead to water damage, fire damage, and massive amounts of destruction.

    Contact VersaPro for 24/7 Wind Damage Restoration

    VersaPro is the fastest response restoration team in the Metro Detroit area. Our team is on-call around the clock and ready to respond to your emergency needs immediately.

    When your property has been hit by wind damage, you will be in distress and in need of calm, experienced professionals who can help right away. Get fast, affordable, thorough, and reliable emergency wind damage solutions for your property.

    Contact us at any hour to speak to a live operator and have a team member dispatched immediately to your Metro Detroit location for service.

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