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Lightning Damage Restoration

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    If lightning strikes your home or nearby, work with the experienced lightning damage restoration team at VersaPro to address the complications that arise from this hit of nature. We work 24/7 to help our clients stop problems in their tracks, prevent additional damage from developing, and clean up the mess as quickly as possible.

    Problems Caused by Lightning

    Lightning is fast-moving and may collide with homes and property only briefly, but its impact can be tremendous and far-reaching. It’s impossible to predict the path of lightning or prevent it from doing damage, but it is important to know what havoc it can cause and to get problems addressed immediately to protect you and your family from danger:

    • Structural damage: A bolt of lightning can hit a home like a shockwave and damage concrete, brick, plaster, stone, and glass.
    • Fire damage: Lightning temps can be multiple times hotter than the sun, which means one small strike can start a fire and produce smoke and charring.
    • Water damage: Lightning and rainstorms go hand in hand. Should lightning break a hole in your home while a storm continues to pour down, water will find its way into your home, either dramatically or sneakily, in crawl spaces or the attic.
    • Mold damage: Any hidden water damage that is not discovered right away within the structure of your home can fester and eventually develop into dangerous mold.
    • Electrical damage: A lightning strike can cause a surge through wiring and electrical systems which can damage appliances and electronics. Sparks produced by this kind of hit can start a fire.
    • Overheating: The heat from lighting can cause the moisture to overheat within the wood of your home and even in masonry work. As the moisture heats up and boils, it expands and can create a steam explosion that is powerful enough to split your foundation, walls, and more.

    It is incredibly important to keep in mind that anywhere lightning strikes is a charged area. Leave the investigation and mitigation of damage to the experts, who know what precautions to take to keep themselves safe from injury and your home free from further damage or complications.

    The Lightning Damage Restoration Process from VersaPro

    You don’t want to approach a charged area on your own, whether it’s inside your home or elsewhere on your property. If a structure has suffered lightning damage, contact VersaPro at any time, day or night, and request an expert to assess your home right away and secure it.

    Here is what you can expect when you meet with a VersaPro restoration professional:

    • Assessment: Your home will be inspected in all possible places to determine the extent of the lightning damage and whether it is necessary to evacuate.
    • Mitigation: The property will be safeguarded in as many ways as necessary to prevent any further damage from occurring before any repairs can get underway, whether this means boarding up areas, turning off electrical systems, or removing damaged items.
    • Restoration: When the most pressing problems have been addressed and safety has been reestablished and clean-up has occurred as needed, the restoration process will begin, including dealing with damage caused by the lightning, from water problems to mold issues and beyond.
    • Repair: Once your home has been returned to safe, livable conditions, it’s time to discuss any necessary cosmetic repairs so your space looks like it has never been damaged, from roof and siding repairs to structural remodels, electrical repairs to drywall repairs, and more.

    Contact VersaPro for Lightning Damage Restoration

    Contact VersaPro right away if your home or property is struck by lightning and suffers damage. We negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf so you don’t have to worry about this stressful process while you’re concerned about getting your house back to normal working order.

    Our teams are available 24 hours a day. The weather might be unpredictable, but our availability is not. Call us now for immediate assistance in Michigan.

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