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How to Get Your Home Ready For Winter in Livonia, Michigan

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    How to Get Your Home Ready For Winter in Livonia, Michigan

    November 18 2014

    As the winter season approaches, you have a lot on your plate. Perhaps you need to get new tires for your car. Maybe your Christmas shopping list grows longer by the day. But as you go through the motions, make sure you take the time to look into home winterization. Why is this important? What steps do you need to take to winterize successfully? At OnSite Solutions, we’re the experts when it comes to property preservation. Keep reading to find out what you should do before the first big snowfall.

    Inspect the Roof

    It’s important to check your roof for imperfections. There may be missing or worn shingles as the result of a heavy rainstorm. Your gutter system may have sticks, leaves, and other debris trapped within it. If you don’t take care of these issues, you may have to deal with leakage and severe water damage. If you live in Livonia, Michigan, you need to make sure your roof is part of your home winterization efforts.

    Check Your Plumbing

    In addition to inspecting your roof, check your plumbing to make sure it won’t freeze up. You expect your pipe system to function throughout the year, and the chilliness of winter may throw a wrench in the works. If you plan to be away for prolonged periods, use a property preservation company for assistance with your plumbing. At OnSite Solutions, we take steps to keep your pipes in working order. We dry the lines and apply antifreeze to prevent freezing. When it comes to home winterization, we strive to be the best.

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