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When to change/clean HVAC air filters

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    When to change/clean HVAC air filters

    October 27 2015

    Changing or cleaning of HVAC air filters is an essential part of any commercial or residential building. This should particularly be done during the cooling or heating seasons when the system is used continuously. HVAC air filters need to be checked, maintained and changed in order to operate accurately and safely.

    Below are the reasons why you should change or clean HVAC air filters:

    1. Congestion- A dirty air filter prohibits circulation of air therefore leading the system to overstrain and use more electricity or gas. This further leads the system to maintain unstable temperatures due to overheating. Regular cleaning and checking

    2. Pollution-Frequent cleaning of air filters leads to circulation of clean air without any allergens that would be harmful to the lungs. Cleaning also helps in prolonging the system’s lifespan as it would be running resourcefully. Dusty air filters leads to excessive consumption of electricity which further leads to more carbon dioxide and other gases being released to the air.

    3. Durability- A clean air filter prevents dust and dirt form building up in the system. Hence, reduction in the use of electricity.

    4. Cost effective-A dirty air filter uses loads of electricity or gas hence regular cleaning and checkups will save you operating costs and higher electricity bills.

    Economically, health wise and environmentally changing your HVAC air filter is reasonable!

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