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When should you inspect your roof for damaged shingles?

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    When should you inspect your roof for damaged shingles?

    October 23 2015Most people are guilty of inspecting their roofonly when they spot a leak inside. However, it’s important to understand the signs of damaged shingles in order to prevent a leak from occurring in the first place. Whether your roof is made of composition shingles or wood, there are easy-to-spot signs of damage that you can detect by frequently examining your roof.

    What to look for

    If you simply step outside and examine your roof, you should be able to spot signs of decay or damage. Shingles that are missing, curling, buckling or splitting are all easy-to-detect signs. You may see signs of mold or valleys in your roof. Examine your gutters for shingle granules that may be falling off. Finally, ensure that you cannot see sunlight shining through your roof boards to confirm that your roof is still intact.

    When to examine your roof

    It is recommended that you perform two roof inspections per year, ensuring that your roof is still in great condition. You should also inspect your roof after a severe storm so that you can compare it to your typical inspections. As mentioned previously, it is important to check your gutters, especially before and after a storm so that you can compare what you see and determine if damage has been done. Don’t forget to check for interior signs of damage, such as water spots or leaks.

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