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Do you need to drain water from outdoor faucets or garden hoses?

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    Do you need to drain water from outdoor faucets or garden hoses?

    October 23 2015People who frequently use garden hoses or have outdoor faucets often forget how important it is to drain water from their outdoor appliances. There are many risks to leaving water lingering in your pipes. Regardless of the climate you live in, draining the remaining water from your hose or faucet is always essential.

    Freezing water expands

    During the winter or whenever the weather is cold, water has the potential to freeze. When water freezes, it expands up to 10%. The water in your pipe already fills the entire space, so when the water freezes and expands, it strains your pipe. This could result in a bursting pipe, a flood in your home and damage to your plumbing system. So when you shut off your water, make sure to let any residual water drain from the hose or faucet to ensure no damage is done.

    Water is never pure

    People often forget that water is never 100% pure, meaning that minerals and sediment may exist in your H2O. If water is left in your hose or faucet in warm weather, those minerals and sediment pieces may bake out of the hose. This could also create clogging, permanently fusing the nozzle to your home. So whether you live in sunny Florida or experience the Michigan winters, it is critical to always drain the water from your appliances.

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