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How to Insulate Pipes Outside the Home

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    How to Insulate Pipes Outside the Home

    October 28 2015

    Don’t let your pipes freeze this winter! Make sure you wrap at-risk pipes like those in a crawlspace, garage, and especially those outside to avoid expensive water damage costs that could have been avoided. Just think of it as putting a cozy sweater on your exposed pipes for the chilly weather.

    Why insulate?

    • Prevention of water freezing inside pipes that expands causing bursting and water damage
    • Avert condensation on pipes which causes corrosion
    • Keep whole system running efficiently with free flowing water

    What kind of insulation is out there?

    • Foam, fiberglass, rubber and polyethylene materials
    • Use pipe wrap for smaller sections and tubular sleeves for larger sections. Some are self-adhesive but you should still get some duct tape just in case!
    • If available, check the insulation’s R-value, which is its resistance to heat flow. The higher the number, the stronger the insulating power.

    How do I insulate my outside pipes?

    1. Make sure you know how much insulation materials you need along with the correct sizing.
    2. Give a good wipe down of the pipes using water and dishwashing soap so the insulation adheres better. Let dry completely.
    3. Simply wrap pipes with padding materials. For tubing, you can just slit down the sides and tape back together around the pipe. Make sure joints and t-pipes are covered thoroughly, though you can buy precut shapes if you’re worried about cutting them yourself. Remember to tape insulation at certain points just for good measure even if it’s self-adhesive.
    Before winter season hits, be sure to check your padding for any loose tape or gaps because pesky cold air can still compromise the pipes. And if you don’t have insulation, it would be a good idea to get some!

    For any questions about insulating your outside pipes, please contact us!

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