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When to change/clean your HVAC air filters?

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    When to change/clean your HVAC air filters?

    December 20 2016

    It’s important to change and clean your HVAC air filters routinely in order to ensure your system is working efficiently, which will in turn keep the costs of energy down. Although there is not a set number of times you should change or clean your HVAC air filters each year, there are factors that play into how often you should check it.

    Why do HVAC air filters become dirty?

    HVAC air filters should be cleaned or changed when they’re dirty, but not filthy, as a filthy HVAC air filter doesn’t work as effectively. How fast an HVAC air filter gets dirty depends on the circumstances in your home, as well as the environment you live in. For instance, an environment that has high levels of pollution or constant construction might result in dirtier HVAC air filters. If you have pets or many people living in your home, your air filters might become dirty more quickly. How often you need to change your filter may also depend on the type of filter you have.

    Why you should change your HVAC air filter

    Regardless of your household situation, you should check your air filter once a month to see if it needs to be changed. If the HVAC air filter is clean, it will work more properly and result in lower energy bills.

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