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When Do I Need to Get an Inspection?

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    When Do I Need to Get an Inspection?

    May 24 2016When Do I Need to Get an Inspection?

    Property inspections are essential for property preservation and should occur at least every 6 months. If you are renting your property, you should do an inspection before a new tenant moves in, after 6 months, after they move out and whenever the rent is renewed. If there is evidence of physical damage or signs of pests and rodents, an inspection should take place to ensure your property is properly preserved.

    Types of Inspections

    Property preservation is important for many reasons, such as safety, appearance and to prevent further damage. In order to preserve your property, exterior and interior inspections should take place. These include inspections of the exterior building, landscaping, windows and doors, occupancy, mold, leaks and pests.

    Why Should I Get an Inspection?

    It’s essential to get your property inspected in order to preserve your property. Inspections provide information on the condition of your property, ensuring you are proactive in protecting and preserving your property from any adverse conditions. Inspections ensure the property is being maintained and can help you save money by identifying problems early on, ensuring your property stays well preserved.

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