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What is Property Maintenance?

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    What is Property Maintenance?

    July 12 2016
    Property Maintenance is the act of keeping up with a facility and its’ property. This could involve owned property, property you are leasing or renting, an office building, an apartment complex, or more. Property owners may decide to handle property maintenance individually, or, if the property is owned by a company, they may hire a property manager to do the upkeep.

    Why is Property Maintenance Important?

    Property Maintenance involves maintenance of the interior and exterior property. Property Maintenance is important for property preservation. It’s critical to preserve your property so that is a safe and healthy environment for you and your tenants to be in. By keeping up with your property, you are less likely to need major renovations or reconstruction in the future.

    What does Property Maintenance Involve?

    Property Maintenance Servicers are usually considered the property caretakers and maintain the condition of the interior and exterior by fixing damage, keeping it clean, replacing poor equipment and ensuring everything operates efficiently. This may include plumbing, lawn mowing, cleaning, painting, carpentry, electrical issues, storm clean up, power washing, and much more.

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