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Tips to Help You Fight Against Vandalism

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    Tips to Help You Fight Against Vandalism

    August 27 2014

    Nobody wants to deal with vandalism — the word alone makes many people shake in their shoes. From stolen cars to graffiti, this problem rears its ugly head around the world. Repairing damage can be an expensive undertaking. This is especially the case if the damaged items need special care. Fortunately, residents and business owners don’t have to feel helpless. You can take action and partake in property preservation with the right tools and ideas. OnSite Solutions offers property preservation tips for your consideration.

    Install Motion Sensor Lights
    One way to fight back against vandalism involves installing lights sensitive to movement. Once a troublemaker approaches a certain area, the lights will turn on and bring attention to what is happening. In most cases, the lights may activate because an animal scurried by. Despite occasional setbacks, this is a great way to prevent vandalism. You won’t hurt the environment or compromise your budget. OnSite Solutions can help you with this property preservation option if you don’t know how to move forward.

    Lock Everything Up
    Don’t think this is enough? You can limit access to your property. Don’t leave a key hidden around the front or back door — this security method is common enough to render it ineffective. Keep vandalism at bay by locking doors and windows. Don’t leave anything open if you plan to go away for prolonged periods. Place cars in a garage to protect them from scratches or broken windows. Property preservation is easy when you use a lock and key.

    You can make it a community effort to make vandalism out of the question in Livonia, Michigan. However, if something does happen, contact OnSite Solutions. OnSite Solutions specializes in property preservation. They will be able to help you with property preservation quickly — you won’t have to deal with property preservation alone. Talk to OnSite Solutions to learn more about property preservation in Livonia, Michigan and how you can fight back.

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