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Tips for Handling Temporary Roof Repairs

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    Tips for Handling Temporary Roof Repairs

    July 1 2014

    While you are waiting for a licensed roofing contractor to get to your home, there are a couple different remedies you can take to help repair leaks temporarily. The quicker you can get the leak temporarily taken care of, the better your chances are at property preservation in Livonia, Michigan. Before you head out onto your roof, there are a few things you need to know. It doesn’t take much to slip and fall off the roof, especially when there are tree branches, ladders, power lines and wet tile involved. A roofing repair is always made from the outside of the home.

    Inside of the home, you can set a bunch of buckets up under where it is leaking to help relieve all of the water pressure inside of the home. Outside, use a tar paper or plastic sheeting. Some of the smaller holes can even be patched with a trowel and some roofing cement over the hole.

    Plastic Sheeting

    This is by far the most commonly used temporary solution for repairing a leak. Using a bunch of heavy plastic sheets, fasten them around where the hole is using roofing nails. If you are able to find some 2x4s, you can square your hole with some wood beforehand. Take the plastic and wrap it around the wood before nailing the wood down. When you don’t have access to nails or wood, cement blocks or sandbags work just as well.

    Roofing Paper

    Also known as tar paper, you can easily find this roofing felt in the building materials part of the store. Apply it using a trowel and plastic cement. Generally, you can purchase the paper by the roll based on its weight. Apply the paper in an overlapping fashion, alternating between the paper and the cement, from the bottom up.

    By taking the steps mentioned above, you can help to ensure your property preservation in Livonia, Michigan is taken care of for quite some time.

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