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Simple Ways You Can Prevent a House Fire

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    Simple Ways You Can Prevent a House Fire

    August 1 2014

    Renters, homeowners and families continue to be plagued by accidental fires each and every year. With 3,400 people being killed every year in a home fire, it makes it the third most common accidental death inside of the home. When it comes to property preservation in Livonia, Michigan, there are simple steps you can take to help preserve your home and prevent anything bad from happening to it.

    Pay Attention When Cooking on the Stove

    Fire safety often begins in the comfort of your kitchen. Stovetop cooking is the main reason why fires occur in the first place. Many of these fires occur when individuals put something on the stove, walk away and forget about it being there. Before they realize it, the fire is out of control. Stay by your pans when cooking to prevent this from happening to you.

    Heating Your Home

    The second most common of all home fires stems from heating. In winter, this becomes even more worrisome than what it does during the other seasons. Space heaters pose a significant amount of risk because sheets and curtains can easily end up coming in contact with the heater and catching on fire. Make sure your heater is far enough away from other objects to prevent a fire from occurring.

    Don’t Smoke in the Home

    Beyond being bad for your health, smoking is a huge factor in house fires. It tops the list of reasons why people pass away in their home from fires. Smokers often end up losing track of their cigarette butts, which allows them to come in contact with couch cushions, curtains and more. The best thing you can do is make sure any smokers don’t smoke inside of the home.

    Don’t Overlook an Electrical Fire

    Faulty electrical cords are a main reason why fires erupt inside of the home. Anytime the cords are cracked or frayed, it could end up sending sparks to a flammable surface and cause a fire to occur. Check through your cords and replace any that are worn out.

    In the event something happens to your home, you can turn to a property preservation company in Livonia, Michigan to help restore your property.

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