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How Can Winterization Help You?

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    How Can Winterization Help You?

    November 18 2016

    Winterizing your property will prepare your house for colder weather and prevent problems from occurring. Winterization will prevent water damage, stop ice dams from building up and will minimize the opportunity for pipes to burst.

    What Should I Do to Winterize My Home?

    There are various actions you should take to winterize your home, some of which include insulating and draining all pipes, turning off valves that carry water and cleaning gutters to prevent water backup. Winterizing also involves sealing drafty windows, changing batteries in smoke alarms to prevent fires, cleaning soot buildup in chimneys and much more.

    How Can Onsite Solutions Help?

    Winterization is a service offered by Onsite Solutions. Just give us a call and we can provide you a free quote. By winterizing your home, we can ensure your home is safe and prepared for anything the winter may throw at it.

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