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Emergency Winterization Services

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    Emergency Winterization Services

    March 18 2014

    If you live in the North East or Mid-West, or anywhere where winter storms are severe, winterizing your home should be your first priority at the onset of winter. If for some reason you’re too busy and don’t feel like bothering with it, then there are emergency winterization services that will come in and do the job for you.

    Winterization services can come in and ensure your property will be able to withstand the most extreme of cold temperatures. Their team of experts is specially trained in techniques to protect faucets and water lines, the most vulnerable part of a home. We’ll drain all the water lines and use high-pressured air hoses to blow out any remaining water.

    In addition, we’ll drain the hot water heater to prevent sub-zero temperatures from damaging the appliance. Professional winterization services will even winterize your toilets and drain traps by adding anti-freeze to them. We’ll even secure the main water line to prevent to prevent it from being turned back on prematurely. And, we’ll put notices on every fixture in the house that has been winterized.

    Of course, after the frigid cold of winter has passed, the home must then be de-winterized. De-winterization services are called upon to make sure that the procedures put in place before the cold weather hit did their job.

    The first thing that de-winterization services do is conduct a pressure check to see if there are any leaks in the water line. Once the pressure check is complete we then turn on the main water supply and allow all the plumbing, including the water heater, to fill with water. However, to ensure that no debris gets trapped in the line, de-winterization services will also remove the aerators and let the water flow freely for few minutes before replacing them and giving the final okay.

    To ensure that your property is protected from winter’s wrath, there are both winterization services to prep your home before, and de-winterization services to come in afterwards to make sure everything worked as planned.

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