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Benefits of Property Preservation

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    Benefits of Property Preservation

    March 5 2016
    Property preservation is the process of maintaining an empty home or commercial building. Usually a slow economy is the culprit of people vacating buildings. When these structures are left alone, they begin to deteriorate and can become dangerous. That’s why banks and building owners hire property preservation companies. They will ensure the property is thoroughly taken care of until it’s of use again. It’s important to use these companies if your property will be vacant for a long period of time!

    What are the possible risks of an empty property?
    — Copper piping could attract thieves
    — Fires could easily start with decayed wiring, smokers, and arsonists resulting in injury
    — Broken windows and graffiti
    — Squatters, drug users, and teenagers love abandoned buildings

    All of these risks could add up to an expensive repair project. To avoid these, hire a property preservation company!

    Advantages of using a property preservation company:
    — Security
    To avoid those squatters, drug users, teenagers, and thieves, locks will immediately be changed on all the interior and exterior doors. Broken windows and doors will be boarded up as well. And if there’s a swimming pool, the company will make sure it’s closed.
    — Trash
    Preservation companies will get rid of debris from the inside and outside, especially anything that hinders curb appeal.
    — Outside
    The lawn will be manicured to the highest quality through mowing, weeding, shrub trimming, and edging.
    — Inside
    Carpets will be vacuumed and floors will be mopped. Sinks, cabinets, bathtubs, appliances, and everything else will be spotless by the time they’re done.
    — Winterization
    Winter can be tough on any home, especially empty ones. Preservationists will make sure all the water is drained from the tanks and water lines to prevent pipe bursts. They will also add antifreeze to toilets and sinks for further protection.

    After the property preservation company is through remaking the home or building, they’ll keep coming back for maintenance. They’ll make sure the home looks good and isn’t an eyesore for the neighborhood. All of these preservation techniques will get you a great price at selling time!

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